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Community Memories:

A Glimpse of African American Life in Frankfort, Kentucky


Journal of Southern History, Vol. 74sdasdasd, No. 2
"Community Memories: A Glimpse of African American Life in Frankfort, Kentucky," Winona Floetcher and Sheila Mason Burton, eds., pp. 541-42

Community Memories: A Glimpse of African American Life in Frankfort, Kentucky furthers recent scholarship of community and memory with a “brief glimpse into the everyday life of several Black individuals and communities….”  Relying on remembered stories, photographs, songs, and newspaper articles, the editors reveal a rich diversity of neighborhoods within the black population of Frankfort and Franklin County.  Not a historical analysis, the book is nonetheless a great resource for researchers and serves as a memorial to the families who lived, loved, and worked there.  Editors Winona Floetcher and Sheila Mason Burton conducted thirty-six personal interviews and collected over two-hundred photographs taken from fifty-two personal collections to build the collection.  Community Memories uses a strong focus on photography and photographic commentary but also offers excerpts from large numbers of oral histories, developing what is essentially a memorial of the community.

The rich collections of photographs depict all aspects of life in the community. Included are lists of churches, schools, community leaders, and social meeting places.  Images show weddings, official club photos, various candid shots, along with fraternal organizations and their sister groups.  Representative of the sense of community Fletcher and Burton reveal is an intimate photograph of a rural baptism, providing a striking contrast to urban photos.  The maps included identify the primarily black neighborhoods in Frankfort, Kentucky, such as Craw, Pawpaw, Normal Heights and the communities of Greenhill, Hickman Hill, and Framdale in Frankfort County.  Community Memories is a valuable memoir and resource collection for both amateur and professional historians.

Reprinted courtesy The Journal of Southern History